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AZ SEI 45-hour Certification Course



*** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT****  ADE has approved a new course framework for the SEI Endorsement courses.

“On April 24, 2017 the Arizona State Board of Education approved changes to the SEI Course frameworks as recommended by the ADE. The old frameworks sunset date will be September 30, 2017.”

The changes to the framework will change the requirements (from the current K-12 endorsement to an elementary endorsement or a high school SEI endorsement), so if you are thinking of getting the endorsement, it is recommended you get it done before the changes go into effect. If you have completed either the Provisional or Full Endorsements it might be prudent for you to put the endorsement on your license now, otherwise you could be impacted by the new requirements.

As always I encourage you to contact the ADE Teacher Certification office or OELAS for current information regarding your situation.

You do not need to purchase any textbooks!!

All course work assignments are designed for use in the classroom. When the course is completed you will have a comprehensive binder filled with SEI resources you will want to have and use in your classroom!

This course meets the requirement for an SEI Endorsement. Dr. Jacqueline Croteau and Aazinaago Consulting are ADE approved SEI provider for this course.


If you DO NOT hold any AZ SEI endorsements on your teaching license this is the only SEI course you need to take to meet that requirement. This SEI 45-hour certification course meets the ADE SEI requirements for teacher certification as of June 22, 2015.

This course examines the legal, cultural, historical, theoretical and educational reasons AZ requires SEI teacher education training.  It also emphasizes the alignment of ELL Proficiency Standards to Arizona’s Academic and Common Core Academic Standards and their application and strategies for inclusion in lesson planning and creating Individual Language Learning Plans. The Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) will be examined along with  authentic and alternative assessments, data analysis, and the instructional application of data findings.  The course content is taught entirely online using interactive web-based multimedia. You are able complete the course at your own pace without ever leaving your home.

To view our introductory course and a sample of the course layout click here.

SEI Certification Course Objectives meet the requirements set forth by OELAS with the AZ Department of Education:

ELL Proficiency Standards:

  • Examine the format and alignment of ELL Proficiency Standards to the Arizona Language Arts (Listening & Speaking, Reading, and Writing) Academic Standards
  • Use ELL Proficiency Standards to plan, deliver and evaluate instruction.
  • Demonstrate the integration of ELL Proficiency Standards in all content areas

Data Analysis & Application

  • Analyze and apply dis-aggregated data to differentiate instruction
  • Interpret and use “snapshots” of longitudinal data
  • Track student status and progress on the ELL proficiency standards using the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) results

Formal & Informal Assessment

  • Integrate diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments for ELLs.
  • Create and offer multiple assessments
  • Use assessment results for placement and accommodation for special education and gifted students
  • Use standardized testing and language proficiency as methods for monitoring student progress

SEI Foundations

  • Know the legal, historical, and educational reasons for Structured English Immersion (SEI)
  • Know basic SEI terminology
  • List language acquisition theoretical principles
  • Outline the role of culture in learning Introduce Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS)  and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP)

Learning Experiences: SEI Strategies

  • Identify and use multiple strategies to improve student achievement. Integrate: • Comprehensible input; • On-going, specific, and immediate feedback; • Grouping structures and techniques; • Building background and vocabulary development; and, • Student engagement
  • Extend SEI methods for beginning ELD (TPR Storytelling, contextual clues, Narrative Approach)
  • Describe the Silent Period (ways of responding, developmental processes)
  • Grasp meaning of pre- and early production strategies of students
  • Integrate current materials in ELD instruction (lesson & text modifications)
  • Extend SEI content methods (preview/ review, content area reading & writing strategies, experiential methods)
  • Analyze and apply vocabulary development approaches in the content areas
  • Plan lessons based on prior knowledge
  • Select, adapt, and sequence current curricular materials

Parent/Home/ School Scaffolding

  • Identify the socio- cultural influences on ELLs (language shift, Identity issues, role of culture in learning)
  • Discuss the impact of bilingualism and home language use
  • Examine parental and community sources for aiding English Acquisition
  • Cultivate home and school partnerships

A downloadable PDF is included and available in your account any time for download after purchase. The PDF has instructions on course completion and procedures.

We will provide you an access code within 24 hours to the course you have purchased. **WARNING: Once purchased there are NO refunds**

ALL products and course material are to be used only by the original purchaser. Providing or distributing files, password and link access to purchased courses or products to anyone other than the intended user is strictly prohibited.


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