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Arizona & US Constitution Course



Adams State University LogoThis course is designed for educators needing to fulfill their AZ teacher certification requirements of a college credit course in both AZ & US Constitution. The 2-credit course examines the constitutional features and structure of the American national government system as well as the Arizona state government. The course also includes a review of Arizona political history and contemporary problems distinctly related to Arizona.

Because of the transcript requirement for the AZ and US Constitution courses with for AZ teacher certification, there are two separate charges when signing up for this course. Course material and technology fee (550.00 payable to Aazinaago Consulting) and a course registration fee of $55 per credit hour  ($110 payable to Adams State University).

The course dynamics consists of self-paced learner directed modules that include short written assignments with lesson quizzes and a final exam.

Web based media course modules: Expected progress: 8 weeks progression through online modules at 4 hours per week; or 16 weeks progression at 2 hours per week. These are suggested time frames. The course allows you to move through each module at your own pace and can be completed in less time if all requirements are met; however, the minimum time commitment for this course is 32 hours so the course cannot be completed under that time frame nor will your work be reviewed if completion is under 32 hours!




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