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10 Must Know Facts About eLearning - Aazinaago Consulting

10 Things to know about Micro eLearning

e Chunk information into smaller bites of information focusing on narrow topics, concepts or ideas Present material/content in a timely manner Create presentations that are with no set or defined duration Use engaging multimedia platforms (i.e.: audio, video, pictures, text, game, social media) to develop short bursts of learning Eliminate superfluous non-essential content or words (think of how vanity […]

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Best way to write objectives for a teacher - Aazinaago consulting

The Secret To Awesome Objectives

Do you find that you really dislike writing objectives? Does it make your head hurt a bit and does it seem like the really don’t drive the success of your students? We believe you, the teacher, to be the facilitator of learning and not the dispenser for knowledge. Don’t you want to see your students […]

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The Key to dynamic teaching & objectives

Dynamic teaching & objectives

Teaching is a dynamic process, so no magic, one cure-all pill is going to change education unless the cure involves helping teachers continually grow and expand their teaching skills. I recently read an article Michael Booker (2008) wrote about Benjamin Bloom. His article: A Roof without Walls: Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Misdirection of American […]

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Learn to use blooms to maximize learning objectives

Learn to use Bloom to maximize learning objectives – Noun Verb Noun

Daily Measurable Learning Objective for today: Students will be able to debate (Bloom’s level: evaluate) the value in using the NOUN VERB NOUN objective writing framework. Students will create 5 daily lesson plans that assesses (Bloom’s level: evaluating) the value of using the NOUN VERB NOUN Framework. Hmm does that introduction tell you what I […]

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