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If you answered yes to taking an online class before how does this format compare to previous online course experiences?

MUCH better. The difference was especially apparent when the narrator got enthusiastic about the topic area. You could hear that she cared about Bloom’s Taxonomy, for example. That was probably my favorite part because you could tell that she cared. That enthusiasm NEVER came through with my other training.

Jacquie’s course was just what I was looking for in an SEI course. It gave me helpful tips and strategies to work with my students and teachers while also being cost effective and an easy format to follow. Her inclusion of Live Binders was an added benefit! I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing to meet the SEI requirement.

This SEI course endorsement course is easy to navigate and access, the learning activities are revelant and useful, and the instructor is readily available to answer question and help with any problems which might arise. The student may begin at any time, work as long as they choose, and it possible to complete the course very quickly.

This course was not only convenient and fun to take, but was most relevant to me as a practicing teacher. Through the class I have accumulated a bank of websites and resources that will help me engage my students.

The course was extremely efficient. I never experienced a period where I felt my time was being wasted. I was dreading taking the Full SEI course until someone at ADE mentioned Aazinaago Consulting. I am walking away from the course with a Livebinder full of new tools and ideas for my classroom. Time well spent!

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