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Aazinaago Mission Statement

Our mission is a simple one: Give educators the tools and support they need to build knowledge networks that are data-driven-educational-ecosystems that encourage imagination, collaboration, innovation and are powered by technology.

Our Mission:

The Internet has evolved from a receptacle for the world’s knowledge to a collaborative network that combines the knowledge of the world with the power of communication. The Information age has now stretched the boundaries of teaching and learning to such an extreme that the educational system is falling further and further behind the expectations of the world beyond the classroom. Aazinaago Consultant’s vision is to provide clients with data driven research solutions presented by proven outstanding educators that will help educators move teaching and learning towards a seamless integration of educational technology and the Common Core State Standards aligned with, data-driven instruction to improve AYP and academic achievement.

Our Goals

Teachers have the skills and knowledge to teach their content what they don’t always have is the ability to interpret computer created data to help them drive instruction that is engaging, collaborative and uses innovative technology tools. Every consultant that works for Aazinaago Consulting has the same goal: Be a positive driver of change that asks teachers to shake up what’s already in their box, not step out of their box.  At Aazinaago Consulting we promise that every workshop we deliver is an example of innovation, imagination and collaboration that can be easily transferred to the classroom or work environment.

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