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Aazinaago Consulting – About Us

Aazinaago in the language of the Ojibwa Indian means transformation or change. Aazinaago Consulting came out of the desire of experienced educators to change the educational community’s perception of technology integration. Technology can be an effective tool for change and transformation; it is not a strategy and should not be taught within a silo of technology content, but rather developed into a seamless integration with academic content aligned to learning outcomes. Technology innovation and the advance of the Internet has put education into a vortex of confusion. The change is happening at such a rapid pace that no matter how hard one tries to be on top of all the technological innovations, they are at least one month behind the next latest and greatest. Aazinaago Consulting is one solution to keeping ahead of the technology wave.

Dr. Jacqueline Croteau

Dr. Croteau holds a PhD in Educational Technology, a MAED in Administration and Supervision and a BA in Secondary Education, with ESL/English. Dr. Croteau has been creating and presenting professional development courses for over 20 years with experience in K-12 and post secondary education. Dr. Croteau has presentation experience in online, state and national conferences. Her passion is creating web-based multimedia courses that engage learners through technology. “Engaged learning is about the learner connecting one-on-one with the content, not the instructor. My courses are created using interactive web-based media that encourages the learner to listen, read and experience learning through technology. Students complete the courses at their own pace and in the comfort of whatever surroundings they want, leaving them in control of their learning and placing the teacher in the role of facilitator teacher of knowledge.”

Aazinaago Consulting online courses are created using the Micro Learning platform. Using this type of learning platform allows us to create innovative and engaging micro lessons that lets the learner apply prior knowledge. Aazinaago’s MicroByte (c) Lessons applies multimedia learning and adult learning theories to create lessons developed around bite sized bits of information that adapt to modern learner’s while providing maximum learning benefits through minimal input. The best part of all is with Aazinaago’s MicroByte (c) lesson format, you can log in to your courses from any location on any computing device. Including your mobile devices. Mobile learning at its best!